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Why is it that the training server we’ll have all kinds of airports air traffic controlled but the expert server has very few like for example my most favorite flight it’s from KSFO to KLAX but I never see them controlled in the expert server and not only that but most of the time areas in the expert server controlled our long hauls can anyone explain why this is?

The reason your favorite airports are not always open like you want them to be on expert server is because our controllers have set weekly schedules posted by our ATC Manager. If you would like to receive ATC services you should plan your flights accordingly to the weekly schedules which are pinned globally in the forums for your easy access.


Because there’s a schedule to keep.

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Hi Michael
We follow a schedule that is posted weekly and pinned to the top of the forum.

The ATC Manager, Tyler Shelton, chooses airports that are underused so that more people can explore the unknown. It would be unbelievably boring if the only airports that were ever open were KLAX and EGLL.


They’re controlled all the time, but much like training, if that’s all we controlled, the remaining 99.99 percent of the globe would be ignored,


Lmao I see your point

Hello Michael, welcome to the event expert server. The controllers hav a set schedule they must follow every week. The schedule is posted by IFATC manager Tyler Shelton. You can look at the schedule and it will show the different airport that at open during the week as well as which country they’re in. On Training Server, there are schedule that come out however most people don’t follow it as it is mostly for TSATC.

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Thanks a lot for clearing that up guys this thread can now be closed

Well i wouldn’t say boring… just extremely busy 🙂

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