[Expert Server] IFATC - [YSSY]

Who was the person responsible for this airport?
I want to report him to the training officer.
He permitted me to land twice … and when I was 600 feet he said [Go around] …
After that, my plane crashed.

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sorry to hear about that, when did this occur?

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Go arounds is a normal thing and is issued around short final when things on ground can’t be sorted out before you cross the runaway threshold. You shouldn’t crash when you are requested to go around. Also, can you please provide the replay file?


Less than half an hour

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IFATC have the right to issue GAs if the ground situation is not suitable.

You should not be crashing on a GA unless you are doing something wrong. Please provide the replay file so we can help you.


Feel free to send a PM to @niks.goen


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If your an ATC trainer shouldn’t you know who he is??

your controller was @niks.goen

he has been tagged and will PM you when he is available.

no further replies are required, let’s all leave this between pilot and controller :)

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Also in addition to what others have said above, I recommend taking a look at this topic linked below:


Wrong person bud :)

There also using the same runway for planes landing and taking off when there are THREE for that reason

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No, even if there are three, that doesn’t mean you separate departures and arrivals onto different runways.


What are the winds like rn. Sometimes a situation arises in Sydney so only one runway can be used due to winds.

And just because there are three runways - doesn’t matter that IFATC can’t just use one.


Can you provide us with the replay to work out why the aircraft crashed. Who ever gets identified as the ATC can sort out the go around thing in a PM.

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I will give you replay … but now …
Wait me until I can land in NZAA

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@Zuhair_Al-ajmi, I was controlling at YSSY up until about 1130Z. I don’t remember specifically sending someone around in that situation though, however I may have been the controller.

In terms of go-arounds, as the others above have said, they are fairly normal and you shouldn’t crash after a normal go-around. Feel free to PM me to chat more, or if I in fact was your controller. I will also have a look at my replay to check.

In Sydney IRL, RWY25/07 is rarely used (especially when RWYs 16L/R are in use). While real-world procedures don’t always need to be followed in IF, I found that just using runways 16L and R was suitable for the amount of traffic. Adding in another intersecting runway would have just complicated things and slowed it all down. It is also normal for IFATC to use one runway for both departures and arrivals, as for example, heavies are only able to takeoff on 16R due to runway lengths.

Again, if you have any issues feel free to PM me, and I will double check my replay.


Please send @niks.goen a PM, he was controlling YSSY at the time.

For everyone else, please avoid commenting on ATC topics like these, or trying to figure out the problem. The only person who knows for sure is the controller. Tag them (if you’re 100% sure who it is) and flag the topic to be closed. Thanks!