Expert server guide

Ahhh, the expert server, a place where everybody follows ATC instructions otherwhise they will meet caspers demise. New to the server? Just got grade 3 yesterday? Afraid of flying to get ghosted? You got ghosted already and dont want it to happen again? Ok, dont worry captain chris got you.

First things first:
Follow all ATC instructions no matter what, if you get the runway you didn’t want too bad, if you get in a holding pattern becauze the airport is packed to the max, too bad, if you have to line up and wait for 10 minutes, too bad, if you have to go around, too bad, if you get delayed a couple hours, WELL TO BAD, Our IFATC spend allot of time trying to insure the pattern is right and that seperation is maintained, dont follow the ATC instruction well you get ghosted.

Next up:
Dont be a jerk, if you see someone is on short final while you’re on unicom dont just enter the runway causing a go around, dont cut in line from other aircraft as you earn the infamous title “NimRod” those are a big no no in the Expert Server, just because there are no ATC present does not mean you wont get in trouble, this is not the training server.

Holding patterns:
You’re on approach to the airport and suddenly the Radar Controller puts you in a holding pattern, WHAT DOES THIS MEAN??? 😭😭😥, My dear freind this means that not only does the controller not like you or does not want you because of past troubles, Just kidding, it just means the airport is to crouded and they are relieving it from traffic by making you fly circles in the sky for no reason, the controller will tell you to make Left/Right turns at a certain altitude and at a certain speed, just do it and in no more than 5-30 minutes you’ll be out of it.

The tower controller tells you to enter right downwind for runway XX, You panic and hyperventalate due to the fact that you’re completley lost, well sorry to say here in the expert server it is the most crucial thing to know your patterns, Upwind is when you’re flying runway heading away from the runway, Crosswind is your Left/Right turn from upwind, Downwind is when you’re flying the opposite runway heading for the runway you want to land on, Base is the 90 degree turn from downwind into final, and final os basically your approach to the runway, if a controller tells you to enter straight in runway XX, just enter straight in, sometimes if a controller tells you to enter downwind/base/straight in to a different runway that means they want you to go to a different one.

Ahh the concrete or cement strip airplanes land or take off from,
Remember, Red runways do not mean closed runways, it just means conditions are not favorable for that runway, if a controller send you to that runway dont panics because the wind is calm. Yellow runways mean there is a semi or direct crosswind for that runway, just deal with it and watch Mark Denton’s tutorial on how to land in a direct crosswind, green runways means there is a headwind and it is completley safe to take of from there.

You start off in this frequency, if the controller tells you to give way to an aircraft, just give way to him/her, let the aircraft pass, if the controller tells you to hold position, DONT MOVE!!! Until he/she says continue taxi or pushback approved, if the controller tells you hold short of a runway when you want to cross, dont attempt to cross, as there might be traffic.

Moral of the story: Listen to each and every one of our expert controllers, trust me they are trained wel and go through allot of exams just to control at that airport you flew in, so please listen to them no matter what, otherwhise fly training server and enjoy having a bad experience, As always Happy Flying And Safe Landings.


Great topic @Cpt_Chris . Hopefully with this guide some will understand how to fly. There will always be stupid pilots that might want to troll or they aren’t ready at all for expert. With this funny house I hope it will change

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Or you can reference these two threads that have already taken shape that detail what you just mentioned.


It’s not always concrete. It’s not always where they land either. 😉


An approach controller may make you hold in the air if you are too high or just extend your approach…

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Or that aswell, good point.

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It’s also where they go BOOM

(AKA Where they Crash)



If you are Grade three you should know what a runway is.


You never know 🤣🤣🤣!!!


MaxSez: Never forget the Pilot in Command is the “Decision Maker”. Safety of Flight is paramount and it’s your decision Pilot.


Well said 👍🏾 As PIC you control everything, controllers enforce the saftey.

You say to always follow atc instructions. What if you need to deny it and say unable. will you get ghosted?

Most likely, always follow ATC instruction.

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Great topic. Thank you for sharing - I’m sure this will help many new pilots!

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Unable because descent to 3k will put you into the terrain? No.

Unable as in “I don’t want to wait my turn, I am absolutely able to make that turn but choose not to because I don’t care about the surrounding traffic”? Yes.

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Make sure there’s a good reason. If there’s conflicting terrain or traffic, don’t be afraid to refute. We want our pilots to fly with common sense, not play follow the leader with a blindfold. It’s a two way street of trust.


Red Runways; means a tail wind, not always calm, but if winds belle 10kts and steady but still ok to land.

PHTO 26 is often a good example of this and is a good place to practice!

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