Expert server ghosting

Yesterday I was flying in the New York Stewart and I was told to go around at 200AGL so I increased my throttle and pulled up and received a report any reason for this?

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What was the reason given? We weren’t there, but the reason and the controller listed in your logbook are a good place to start.

I did a go around when asked

check your replay, make sure you made no mistakes. Then look in your logbook. Look at the information of the flight and check who ghosted you. Then find his IFC name, and contact him regarding what happened. If he makes a point that something was your mistake, admit it, be kind. A ghosting isn`t a punishment, but just to keep our community safe and realistic.

Since that’s clearly not the reason listed, can you answer the question specifically?

What does it actually say in the logbook?

Thanks for the advise

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Its alright. Depending on the controller you can sometimes get the ghosting removed. Dont count me on it but it happened to me by being kind and admitting your mistakes.

As long as the controller sees that you won`t make the same mistake again, there`s no need to ghost you.    

I keep pressing send ugh.

I also have the replay as proof of a go around

Then PM @F_Javier_Martinez with said proof.