Expert Server Fun

My first flight on adv a few weeks ago I was ghosted. At first I thought BS! Then I came to the forum to find out why. What did I find, a big red NOTAM watch your speed!

So, I collected myself remembered that to keep all these planes from smashing into each other and have some order we need to follow aviation protocol. HOW FUN I love protocols and manuals!

I started reading up on Ground School and Instrumentation Procedures, etc… Now I’m looking into fulfilling a childhood dream and signing up to get my GA License and Instrument Rating IRL.

I’m already wishing the expert server was more realistic and I wouldn’t mind seeing more ghosting happen.


See, this is a great example on how ATC say ‘check help pages’ and stuff like that, not just for the sake of doing it, but because we want to make pilots knowledge and the expert server as a whole a better place.

Well done and good luck with you PPL :)

// ATC Specialist


The IFATC team loves to keep the expert server as realistic as possible and however much it tempts them then can’t always ghost for small but maybe important reason as every single ghost and action they make comes under heavy fire and review if they (supervisors)find you ghosting for wrong reason you will be in serious trouble


I agree, it’s a balance for sure. In the end it’s just a mobile device sim game.


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