Expert Server Frozen...

Hello IFC, today I was doing the flight LX38 heavy from LSZH-KSFO and enroute, somewhere over Greenland, approx. 6 hours into the flight, the screen freezes, the aircraft doesn’t move forward, I can’t switch camera modes or do basically anything on the touchscreen. Then all of a sudden, the game just crashed. Can somebody help with this, I have a long haul coming up that I’m really looking forward to doing and if this happens again, it would be very upsetting. Thanks and any help with the this is appreciated. 😁


In order to help you, we need more information.

Could you please provide us with:

  • device + software version
  • available amount of storage
  • what steps you have tried

Yep no problem. Here are the stats:

2016 IPad Pro 12.9 inches / 32 GB running IOS 11.4.1

I have approximately 9.32 GBs free

I haven’t tried anything except restarting the app

Did you restart your iPad before starting the flight?

If not: It is recommended to do that before launching IF. This will reduce the risk of an app crash.


No, but I have never did that, been using IF for about a year now, and never have I ever had this problem. However, will give this a try next time


Adding on to @Starley’s great advice, for all long hauls i also suggest clearing your cache inside IF prior to getting the flight going. This will help free some of your space. Also, suggest lowering your screen brightness to avoid any issues where an overheating may happen.

Hope these help and you can enjoy that flight!


Clear your cache, re install the game, reset your ipad. BOOM!


I was having the same problem. Same device to.


İt can be a device problem but we see app-crashes when flying so much. But in this situation seems different. My advice, contacted moderator you and give a evidince to them. I hope your issue will be fixed by fds