[Expert Server] Frequent loss of connection on Seattle region

I’m experiencing a lot of problems only on this region lately, my connection is perfectly stable and always over 40Mbit/s. Am I the only one?

iPad Pro 10.5
iOS 10.3.3

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Is it because currently Seattle is the region in which ATC is open in?

Maybe the ATC communications make your device lag or ‘go slower’. I suggest changing settings to adapt.

There are a few regions that pilots are experiencing connection issues with. If you’re being disconnected, it may be caused by server resets, as those might happen more frequently, as we near the release of Global.
If you do experience a connection drop, and you know that your connection is still strong, tap and hold the WiFi icon in the top right of your screen. It’s part of Infinite Flight, and it’s in the same place no matter what device you use. To my experience, doing so will reset your connection to the Infinite Flight server and should fix your issue. (I don’t know 100% if this is a real thing, but if you tap the button during a green connection, it turns yellow, leading me to believe it is)


I have a similar problem after flying for a substantial amount of time, how long are your flights? Usually after about 4 hours of flight time your connection will no longer be stable.

Dropped about 3 times going from Portland to Seattle earlier, hopefully approach saw it was frequent and it wasn’t just me. Then dropped on final.

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This issue has struck lots of pilots recently and should be resolved with the release of global.

For now we’ll just have to sit back and watch everyone disappear every once in a while👍🏼


This guy near me kept disconnecting too…

Nothing new,we know that in this region there are this issue,i was controlling approach at KPDX and was a bit difficult for me too.

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Mine earlier today was just more than an hour, I took off from Seattle and had a first, very quick, loss of connection during the flight. Once landed in Portland I took off again and I lost it three times in a row while I was on approach to Seattle, so I decided to quit. :(

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