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I know that there are some events in the afternoon but, every Friday it’s a FNF. As a kid who uses their DAD’s phone, I can only use it from about 11:45 pm to 2pm. Since I play at noon, I don’t know where the atc is going to be. I wish that there are atc at day and for the FNF

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There’s an weekly atc schedule and that’s where the atc will be . Here it is ATC Schedule • 11-17 Jan 2021

You never know where ATC will be. It can be at the featured airports mainly but IFATC doesn’t take requests to open an airport

yes ik but no friday.

so is it a random choice for IFATC

IFATC can open at anytime for the FNF in between 2021-01-15T06:00:00Z to the same time the next day. They mainly open the featured airports

does that mean that I can fly at the Hub of the FNF?

Yes you can. That’s usually the place that has ATC all day

ok. Thx that helped!! XD srry for the trouble lol

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No worries!

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