Expert Server Error

I am getting an error regarding not being level 3 and accessing the expert server. It says I am level 2, but when I access my account it says level 3. I attached some screen shots to show my problem.




Restart your device. I suspect you have received a few violations recently but the Grade table haven’t updated.

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That is weird, I would probably restart the app, log out and log in again! Try that and come back later!

I haven’t gotten any that I know off in the past few months.

Do as I suggested first, then we’ll see. It might be in your logbook already.

I just restarted my iphone and logged out of my account and back in, and the same error is still appearing.

Check the logbook for the recent flights and see if any violations show up there.
I’ve had violations show up in the logbook before the grade table updates.

Do a short flight on Casual to update your account-stats and see if that helps.

I didn’t expect the message to disappear, but i was hoping that the Grade table would show you why you were denied.

But yeah, try @Starley’s suggestion.

Did a short flight went down to Grade 2 landed and now back up to Grade 3

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