Expert server down

We lost all the aircraft on our screens on the Expert Server and they haven’t come back in a while


Same issue :(

I’m also currently in a flight and the live server continues to disconnect and reconnect.


Currently on a flight from IAD-ATL. Server keeps going down

In my two plus years controlling in IFATC, I’ve never seen pilots disappear for this long.

Same here! Must be down.

same just about to land too

Yeah mine is down as well

The aircraft are coming back

It’s back now few

the server is running again 🫡

Mine is now working

Now I see it, I also got that error and restarted the internet thinking it was the internet.

Disconnected, never got reconnected 😭

Same, was just doing a flight and then 20 miles out i disconnect when i was about to land🤦‍♂️

It’s happening again. Expert Server down.

I think I’m experiencing something like this as well - thought it was just my PC but it seems I’m not alone

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yep. it’s down though it did briefly reconnect

It’s currently back for me, i doubt this is the end of it though

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YEp had the same issue while controlling. Lost all aircrafts