Expert Server Down?

Hey, so a minute before, CYUL and Halifax were manned with ATC, but now only 4 airports have arrivals and none of them have ATC or are on the ATC schedule. I’m thinking the expert server went down.

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I just experienced this too; I thought I had been ghosted.

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Are you guys able to log into a session? Appears that the ATC openings might be bugged. I was able to log in and find other folks at CYYZ.


hi all! Looks like the expert server is having problems, can’t grab the live server when I spawn, and airports are not loading thru as shown above.


The same thing happened to me, but it looks like everything is up and running again.

I still can’t see anyone online, all airports are at 0 arrivals and no controllers.

Hey, the expert server is up for me. Is it still not working for you?

I was planning on closing CYUL APP/DEP anyway so it kinda worked out but it wasn’t my choice to close when I did - the server went down for me.

I am having the same problem here

I can spawn, but I can’t connect to the live server. My WiFi is up, and I use stable google fiber, so it looks like it isn’t an isolated issue.

Looks like it’s down for the rest of us :/

I will ping the authorities. Standby.


Mine had a limited table.

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Thx Chris, seems to be only the expert server for now. Training and casual are still up and running.

Yea the Training Server had a hiccup earlier. I’ll keep you guys posted.


Interesting, I’m online and can see others perfectly fine. Only thing is it shows that they have no FPL when they do (Checked earlier).

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Microsoft azure reported a hiccup. That’s all the info I have as of now.

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Steam, PS live, and Xbox live all reportedly had a hiccup in the last 24 hrs. I’m sure it universal, don’t blame IF.

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Ok, thanks!

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Things should be getting back in order. Anyone still having trouble?