Expert server: do you ever check your fatigue?

On the expert server, do you ever check your fatigue level when deciding whether to take on a more challenging flight, in the name of preserving your grade? Or do you just go for it?

edit: Do you consider assessing your fatigue to be an important part of avoiding violations?


Just to put this out here, your health is much more important than maintaining a certain grade level. At the end of the day, grades past grade 3 are more for show and grade 3 doesn’t take a lot to maintain once you have it.

If you are feeling tired, please go to bed. I’m glad you love the sim but it’s unhealthy if you’re missing sleep because of it


Like Bruce said it’s important to not loose sleep over the sim. Even the most dedicated of pilots here do long hauls planed to land when they wake up so they don’t loose sleep over the sim.

But seriously the sim isn’t important enough to loose sleep over after all it is just a sim.


I completely agree. And it just occurred to me last night when I opted out of an approach situation I thought was beyond my rest level.

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Love this reference!

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Also, it is important to note that fatigue will decrease the performance of the pilot in flight. It is a significant risk factor for aircraft incidents and accidents in real world aviation, which actually implies that fatigue has a detrimental effect on overall (situational) awareness, among multiple other effects. Since pilots on the Expert Server are required to adhere to rules that are very similar or in some cases identical to real life, situational awareness is key to ensure a safe and professional flying environment for everyone. In conclusion, I believe that fatigue should be faced with similar attitudes on the Expert Server to that of real life for the reasons stated above, especially if you are planning to fly into busy airports with ATC service.



I don’t do flights before lunch, it’s better to be energized than just sleep and mess up the flight. And get reported

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I have a somewhat small thing to add as well

If you become very tired while flying (especially on expert, furthermore if in ATC space), it’s a virtual flight that you can always end mid-flight and attempt again later :).

It probably feels lame or sad to not complete the entire flight but it’s better than ending up with violations because you kept descending at 300 knots below 10,000 feet. Plus, you’ll probably be awake and more able to truly enjoy your flight if you just do it later.

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You have a point here.

It’s best to do flights after lunch, because you have more energy then, so, you can just relax and not worry because your gonna be awake

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Yeah and even when I’m awake, I sometimes get distracted by having to do something or even just thinking about something and I forget about my speed 😂

Not often, but it happens 🙃

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This has happened multiple times to me recently with 12+ hour flights. They end up being way longer than expected and just won’t work in my schedule. I’ve done one of two things. One divert and land and pick it up another day. Two just end the flight.

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Fly for fun not for a Grade level.


That’s what I was wondering, how much people think it’s important to check their fatigue as part of avoiding violations?

I agree with this. After I got a level 3 because I just took off without even contacting tower. I started really paying attention to my fatigue levels more

Better to be safe than sorry


My rule of thumb is Required rest and Duty day have to be equal at the very least, and I try to break up long haul flights with a walk, or menial tasks like laundry or cooking.
Helps keep myself and my iPad rested and healthy

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I have to admit though, I was obsessed to get to grade 5 at first. It’s a milestone I had to see for myself: “What does it mean; what does it feel like,” I suppose I thought. Climb the mountain because it’s there. But as @Drummer implied above, grade 3 is a kind of golden ticket - gives you full access while at the same time “doesn’t take a lot to maintain once you have it.” I’ve made the round trip to grade 5 more than once. It’s nice to know the system has catered to different parts of my aspirations: sometimes mountain climber, sometimes just a pilot, perfectly content with some skills I’ve learned.

Very good subject that you are offering us here.
From my point of view, grade 5 brings nothing more than grade 3. With these 2 grades you access the expert server.
In an old account I was grade 5 with 3000020 xp but then I got bored

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A grade can be restored. Your health cannot if anything god forbid was to happen

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