Expert Server disconnect

I’m on Grade 3, but always fly on the TS. But whenever I fly on ES The live server disconnects when I’m about 2 hours airborne. It says its connecting but never connects again, as if I’m on the solo mode. I igone it and go for about an hour. When i come back to check on it, I find that my phone is on the home screen and IF crashed due to connection loss I guess. I tried everything but it always ruins my long/mid haul flights

I love Etihad Airways and always fly their A380 routes everytime, and was waiting for OMAA ATC to be active on ES for a long time. It is active 2day and I was really happy. I planned my flight (ETD12 from EGLL-OMAA at 0900Z) but it crashed when I was about 1 hour and 35 minutes airborne😭

Is your device an IOS?

Samsung galaxy s6edge

I have never experienced app crash on Android (only IOS) staff need help for this one!

This is not an app crash.
@GhostCustoms - is the app paused or put in the background? Are this happening on the other servers, if you’ve tried?


I experienced it twice on TS. But mostly on ES. And that’s the reason I fly on TS most of the time.

Do you put the app into the background, or does it remain on your screen at all times, as it should?

Nope, screen is always on IF and never pause it, I only pause to calibrate for landing or take off. I don’t receive calls, texts…on this phone at all. I use this decice for infinite flight only.

Plus. Infinite flight is the only reason I own this device

Is it shown IF not responding or it just back to home screen?

Just find the application automatically closed. And the home screen displays

I am not sure what cause the app to quit but on my old samsung I have experienced app crash but it was before global and now never happened agian after global but here some of problem may cause the app to crash (not exactly sure) Power Saving mode, Storage, slow connection…