Expert Server Departures

When flying on the Expert Server, after takeoff, are you just supposed to fly the runway heading until ATC gives you heading vectors, or can you make turns at the pilot’s discretion as well as following ATC?

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No Tower & No Departure ATC: Turn on LNAV to follow your flight plan.

Tower Present & No Departure ATC: Turn on LNAV to follow your flight plan, unless stated otherwise.

Tower Present & Departure ATC Present: Depending on the airspace traffic, It is ideal to fly runway heading until further instruction.


I just follow my flight plan, unless ATC gives instructions on takeoff to maintain Runway heading to ect altitude. If they do, once I reach that altitude I check for traffic and turn to my flight plan heading.
If there is Departure ATC I just “Check in” once I get on my flight plan.
Never once had a problem with it.

Here is an example when you will be told to follow your heading after takeoff:
EX: “Delta 240 Heavy, wind 290 at 19kts, cleared for takeoff maintain runway heading until 3000ft”
(That is 3000ft MSL)


Thank you.

I’d recommend taking a look at the User Guide as it describes what to do upon departure.

Noted I will keep that in mind.

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If you’re departing a parallel runway setup like let’s say LAX or LHR I’d recommend to have a closer look at other pilots taking off. Some SIDs have an immediate turn after takeoff and sometimes cut the other runways departure direction. It’s in the pilots responsibility to take care of its surrounding in abscence of ATC. This is also important for Tower ATC as well in absence of radar departure.

I have a little problem with that…

From the ATC manual, the two way communication is established with the check in, and the radar contact is used as “Acceptance of the filed flight plan”.

So it is preferable to keep on RWY heading until you receive the radar contact, this is why pilots must ensure they check in asap. And checking in once you’re on your FPL is far from what is expected from pilots.

I can think of one exception, if there are recommended SIDs in the ATIS, this probably rules out departure conflicts and the pilot could fly their FPL straight away. For example in Barcelona, all departure must make a turn at 400ft AGL and most of the time the check in/radar contact is not done on time. This is why it is highly preferable to use recommended SIDs.

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Ok uncalled for but alright.

I concur, really this is a limitation of ATC in Infinite Flight. There are certain features that we are missing that we need in order to be able to have an accurate IFR environment in the departure/arrival phase. We need a “fly runway heading” command that’s not bound to an altitude so then you continue straight until contacting departure, at which point you will receive further instructions

There’s this gap in between wheels up and being established on your flight plan that’s not too well done yet in the game. We need things like direct-to, climb-via, and tower vectors that just aren’t available for smooth operation.

I was thinking about a takeoff from KLAX runway 25R. The real aircraft turned left about 30 seconds after takeoff. So, I wanted to know if making that turn without ATC clearance was acceptable.

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