Expert server - Denver (CLOSED)

Like mountain flying? Tricky approaches? Not trolls?
Come on down to Denver region on the expert region now! Many airports so many choices to fly from/to! FNF will start later so this region won’t be open for “too” long!


When we have 4 pilots with 11 frequencies, advertising becomes necessary 😂


Too many active ATCs I guess. I have never seen Denver with 11 frequencies before =P

I wish my Live haven’t expired T-T


Wow, I have never actually yet to seen the Denver region become this crowded in a very long span of time until as of right now!

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KASE has nearly 20 inbound now 😱 @Kevin_Frankeny and I are going to be having fun

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@Reedgreat sorry I went to the wrong runway lol (N1TR)

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Thanks for opening this great region! I’m on my way from KDEN to KEGE and will do KEGE-KASE afterwards.

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I just finished flying KPUB-KCOS-KASE-KPUB and it was definitely one of my best live flight ever! The ATC was absolutely fantastic, thanks to all of you! :)
@Shawn_Coleman @wayne_horne @Kevin_Frankeny @Reedgreat


I was also going to do KPUB-KCOS-KASE but then when I was on final for KCOS I realized I was in a 788 ;-; Then I got lazy and didn’t change the aircraft or finish the last leg. I think I saw you near KCOS/KPUB.

Damm. At the playground too much sunlight…

These are the type of flights that I love

Hopefully there are still people on in 30 mins when I’ll be on.

There will almost always will. Where I live, the later at night it is, the busier it gets. It’s probably only gonna go up from here (the amount of ATCs and flights).

Is this version of Live flight on computer ?

Yes, this is the web version of LiveFlight Tracker. :)

I am coming! Keep an eye out for me ;)

We are shutting down for the FNF, sorry :(

Screwed up the vectors and ended up Canon flying into R-33 at KASE ! My apologies to the approach controler !!
Denver region is awesome btw.

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That’s fine lol. Denver expert was open for my short flight. Thanks :)

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