Expert Server Crashing

I have noticed the server crashing a few times throughout the day. I was just flying with a fellow IFC member and he too was having connection issues. I have been connected to WiFi during the time that I fly on the server. Not sure if there is a hiccup in the server, but just thought it should be brought to attention.

Device Info:
iPad Mini 4 running iOS 10.2


Yeah it was really bad. I think @cleipelt also had problems leading up to his app crash while controlling at KMIA.


What is happening? The last week all the servers have been crazy!!!


The server has been reset, should help the crashing.


I appreciate it. Thanks.

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I noticed that you disappeared from radar several times en route to KMIA in the C208.

I have not experienced the app/server crashing.

iPad pro 9,7" latest iOS

Yea. It must have happened 4 or 5 times during that time. Gets a bit frustrating at times. But theres only so much I could do. 😏

Definitely very frustrating.
But I don’t understand why I didn’t have any problems. Same place, same time…

If there was a hiccup, maybe after the reset it should hicc-down. :-)

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