Expert Server - Courchevel

Hey community!

I hope you all had fun with EGLL and EDDF. Today there is something different available. I am currently open at one of the most dangerous airports in the world, Courchevel airport (LFLJ).

The runway is extremely short and space is limited so please don’t spawn there all at once. Also, no touch and goes are allowed of course because of terrain and it will be easier for me (and for you) if you fly from LFKX or fly over there before coming back!

Please stay alive and have fun!


While I know you are still capped from opening bravos as a newer member of IFATC, I think it’s great that you’re drawing traffic to a smaller airport. Today’s schedule has some pretty big names (Frankfurt, London, Zurich, etc.) and opening Courchevel seems like a breath of fresh air. Well done!


Sure is a fun ride coming into Runway 23. Especially when you’re on right base, you’ll have to watch for all the mountains.

I saw a flight of two come in for a smooth touchdown and expeditious vacate. Unfortunately, I wasn’t as lucky and didn’t make it :(

Thanks for opening this airport up!


Be careful when there is incoming traffic. Please avoid the plane coming for landing after taking off!

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Brilliant job opening a very exciting and challenging airport! You should do this more often, even after becoming a Specialist ;)

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Could not climb I was to heavy there’s no taxi ways to change the fuel In the Cessna the airport I took off from

I am closing soon. Thanks to everyone who came!
If you have any screenshots, please share them below. For crashes, please ask the user if he is OK to share the screenshot publicly.


Thanks for the great tower work!


That Declathon was me, he he he.

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Yes, all these screenshots were taken on the Expert Server! It’s one of my most memorable sessions as ATC. I have never seen so many people fail their landings and takeoffs 😂


Presenting BUTTER & EMU featuring @Luke_M

And @Aceorbit RIP


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