Expert server connection problems

I never had problem but last 2 days the connection is not being stable. Losing the connection and re-connecting in one or two minutes. While this is happening, other aircrafts and ATC dissapear. When it connects again, everything appears again.

Besides the connection (live) I also had API problem (only one time), not sure what API means.

I worry for two things,

  1. Due to this problem, can ATC issue a violation? What if happens in an important moment?
  2. I have the fastest and most reliable internet that exist in the country, I don’t know the reason of this connection problem, it only happens in expert server and I don’t knwo if it is caused by my device or by the server. How to resolve this issue?
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Indeed I noticed this recently, and not that in very busy airports, I think that the IFATC are aware of it so no panic.

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Hello @Okeanos

This is a known issue by IFATC, in this case if ATC loses aircraft while they are on final/landing violations will more than likely not be given as you have done nothing wrong, radar frequencies will more likely also not give out violations if they lose aircraft as again you have done nothing wrong. More than likely once you reappear ATC will most likely reissue the commands if enough time allows otherwise will more likely just leave you alone. If for some reason you are violated and you are having server issues you can always contact @ appeals (separated as to not tag) with your replay and explanation of what happened as long as it’s a level 2 or level 3 violation and they should be able to help you. You have the ability to contact that team but you can also contact the controller to talk about the violation if it was due to server issue or given in general.

I hope this helps and if you have any questions feel free to DM me.





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