Expert Server Connection Losses

Hi y’all!

Recently I’ve been losing connection to the expert server (as well as the Beta server) very frequently. This has been happening during my flights and while controlling, leaving me unable to communicate with ATC or other aircraft. So I was just wondering, has anyone else been experiencing these issues, or is it just something wrong with my game connection? Please let me know!



My game just straight up crashes

If youre on the latest IF version on iOS there’s a few known bugs that are up for fixing.

Have you tried restarting your app, device and router?

Also might want to move this to #support as that’s where these sort of questions go

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Yes, I’ve tried restarting the app as well as reinstalling, and that didnt seem to make a difference. I’ve also tried resetting the router as well as turning off my WiFi while in-app, and same thing happens.

Thank you though, I’ve adjusted the category accordingly!

Are you on iOS/iPadOS?

I’ve had some connection bugs (among other bugs) that even reinstalling didn’t fix

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Yes I’m on IOS, that’s good to know, glad I’m not the only one. I’m aware they’re working on some of these issues, and they are trying to patch some of those with the introduction of the Beta Server. But many other controllers don’t seem to be having these problems during their sessions so I was just curious if this was a server-wide issue. Thanks for the response!

We could have different problems for all I know, but I’m banking on a hot fix update fixing these

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Hello the expert server beta is expected to crash because it is experimental, but check your router

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Yeah, I was expecting these issues on the Beta server, however I wasn’t expecting any effects to the Expert Server as well, which I’ve been experiencing only recently.

I’m on the expert server right now and can’t gain a live server connection. Been cutting in and out for the last 10 minutes.

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Live server was just restored for me.

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Yes, but put the graphics low, reduce the brightness of the screen, and put the camera in the sky, and people will help you

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These certainly help with performance issues, but not with connection issues unfortunately

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Thank you for the help though!

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You’re welcome, I didn’t do anything.

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