Expert Server Connection Issues

Device: iPad Pro 2020
Operating system: iOS16.5 Latest

Hi! I noticed a few minutes ago that I got disconnected from the Expert Server. I am still in flight, with the callsign Friction 750, in a C750 from UUOO to LFPO. The server is not even attempting to reconnect as I can see on my screen. Anyone else having this issue?

Happend to me yesterday, they fixed it but idk

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Dunno but I am still not connected. And I have stable intrenet

Will my stats be saved?

Maybe, idk. Good network makes a difference yes but if there is something wrong with the servers we have to wait so they can fix the connection issues.

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Your stats (XP and FT) will be saved upto the point of disconnection as they are automatically updated. Any chance your Internet might’ve gone out? You quit the app for a few seconds?

No chance. My tablet is next to me. About the internet, I am typing right now, and I did not quit the application.

Should I divert or something?

Till now, it’s still not connecting. May a mod check?

Tap “Live Server” and see what the error says.
Given the amount of time you’ve already been disconnected, it’s not likely it will reconnect again regardless though.

Disconnected: UserDiaconnected

Then it will not reconnect.
Could it have been a notification or similar that put your app in the background for a while?

Nope. I just found my tablet disconnected in flight

Expert Server down

Down again

Happend to me as we speak. I have no issues with my network status either so its definetily the servers, i hope the if team finds the problem and fix, it bc now its lowkey getting on my nerves haha. Happend twice yesterday, the same problem
(Expert server) i do know the if team is working so things like these wont happen but when it happens over and over again its not a good experience.

happened to me a few minutes ago but now i’m connected again

Don’t mix things up now.
The server just restarted which is causing other issues. But “UserDisconnected” like @pog_3r had is not the same.


Able to reproduce, don’t know what’s causing the issue tho.

My stats were not saved :(