Expert server connection issues

Hi guys I have a question…
I’m actually flying from MPTO-KLAX
On expert server I’ve been flying for about 30 minutes and a had to go real quick to my home page in my device to answer a message and when I tried to go back to the flight it goes back, but it shows that I am not connected any more and I don’t want to lose the time I’ve been flying
what can I do to get my connection back

Don’t worry, your connection will be back shortly :) just give it a minute or so.

Well it’s been like that 4 over 10 minutes:-( I’m starting to lose my spectations

Well then I’m not sure. It’s normally not like that!
Make sure you’re on a steady wifi connection.

Try to turn on flight mode for some seconds and turn it off again. Works for me often.

Check this out

It’s highly not recommend to leave the app because it can cause issues like this

Also, your flight may not reconnect


I know right I’ve been coming in and out the game before it gets connect again…
I hope someone can help me this question I’m flying for a VA COPA VA

What I’m saying is because you out left the flight, it caused connectivity issues and since your flight hasn’t connected yet it is very unlikely it will do so.

As unfortunate as it is you may have to end flight or continue with no connection

When I leave the app it’s never more than ten seconds and I don’t do it at all on longer flights

I’ve done it so many times during flights, and it just came back. I’m not sure why he is having these problems…

If you leave for a long period of time this happens, I’ve experienced it several times


Like I said I only got out of the flight for answer a message that could have taken me 3 minutes or 2 minutes and I went back in the game and it did not connect again anymore

This is known and is not something we can resolve. Whether or not it reconnects after a paused period is depending in which state the operating system puts the app in.

I’m sorry to best option is to end your flight. Your stats will be saved up until the point where you got disconnected.

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Thanks man for your recommendation I’m flying on Expert server and right now what I’m doing is keep on going with the flight because I’m flying for Copa VA so I will continue with your flight to send them the information about the flight.

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