Expert server connection failed and a green screen showing

Hello. I’ve been having connection issues on expert server and this isn’t expert server beta I’m talking about.

Global server is fine but the live server is down for me. I don’t know what to do.
I’m on the 7th gen iPad.

And I have this screen right now!


What server is this on?

If this is the expert server beta then there’s your problem.

Never mind it’s not that, maybe it’s a glitch, try restarting your device.

yeah I did that. But this is the second time this happens. A green screen showing up and then it crashes

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Have you uninstalled and reinstalled the app

I’ll try that. Maybe it will work for some time again. But this isn’t my iPads fault to say the least

The connection failing and then crashing is known and is being worked on. The green screen part I haven’t seen, very interesting, also looks quite cool. All of this probably has some relation to this: Regarding increased crash rate on iOS and a memory leak

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