Expert server connection bugs

It’s some huge bugs at expert server

I got ghosted by ifatc Henrik E because I didn’t have Clarence to take off but for me it was no active ATC he saw me me but I didn’t saw him please fix it was in Miami device iPad mini 2


Please tell us what your device is, what OS you’re one, and a reproduction of the bug.

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It sounds like a connection issue, and is not a bug, nor huge bug.

Yeah was having the same issue @ PHTO , tower kept going on/off online , so i quickly exited before getting ghosted.

I feel your frustration @Joseph_Marcel, I’m sure the ghosting will be reversed !


iOS iPad mini

Device info, what update you’re on, Cellular or Wifi? Which OS (10.1,9.1 etc.) and all that.

Wifi was at home

I’ve had something very similar happen two times. I was flying into KSAN both times, Unicom was online. I could see a few other pilots out flying. Both times when I was on final a controller suddenly came across the frequency and told me to go around and follow instructions. I have a screen shot showing my dialogue with Unicom and then suddenly ATC. Very strange anomaly.

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yes and the controller who have ghosted me dont respond to this thats wierd

Firstly you should contact that controller privately via PM, I can’t help you with that aspect. They will have their own account of what happened and it’s best if the two of you hash that out privately.

i dont know cuz he dont have he`s full name only @Henrik_E

Have you PM’d that username already?

no i havent

That’s all you have to do. PM that user name and respectfully lay out the issue you experienced and hear out their side as well. A good resolution can still come of this. Do that first, the other staff can look into the potential bug issue.

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