Expert Server Conduct

Today I was flying from Sydney to Melbourne and someone in a Boeing 737-800 kept harassing me. They kept flying extremely close to me, they changed altitude when I changed altitude, they changed speed when I changed speed, and they would have hit me if I had not banked to the right. Obviously nothing can be done about this, but on the expert server, this behavior should not be tolerated and I wish people would take the expert server seriously.


Unfortunately, nothing can be done without the supervision of an IFATC member or moderator/ staff member. Your best bet is to send a replay over to @moderators with an identifier and callsign.

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Many pilots may fly the same route and may be away from their device and not see planes near them. It does happen from time to time. However, if there is a case of obvious trolling please provide your replay to @moderators.

I am closing this as we have done in the past because not all pilots are on the IFC and there are many topics referring to this throughout the IFC. It is something staff is aware of and they are constantly evaluating ways to improve the flight experience.

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