Expert server chat

Hello, I know that many people have had the same question as me: Why don’t we have chats on the servers?
I have had a look around the IFC and there is no publication that makes the suggestion that I am going to make.

I think it would be useful if the chat function between aircraft was added, that you could communicate with all the players that your radar detects. This could be very useful for group flights, since it would be more comfortable to speak directly through the app than externally. The main characteristics could be the following:

  • Only users with a linked IFC account could speak to all the other pilots (This way we make sure that a record can be left in case they need to report verbal abuse)
  • If a plane does not appear on the radar, its pilot cannot be contacted.
  • To be able to activate or deactivate the chat as if it was a radio frequency.
  • Be able to create a group flight from the map, which generates a group chat for all invited users.

I think this would improve the group flight experience and more people may start doing them more often.

What do you think? Worth it?


A huge drawback would be that moderators and staff would have another thing they have to look over. They are very busy as is and adding something else for them to do could be problematic, especially since there would be multiple conversations going on at once. There’s just not enough time in a day to do all of that moderating


Vote for it here instead bud :)

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I mean, of course there should be restrictions such as banned words, report user button…
Also I think the user should have a minimum Trust Level on his IFC account to have the option.

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I actually made a features request about this a while ago, I really support this.

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OR, it could be like the current ATC comms, with predetermined messages.

Here it is, I put in some of my own ideas on how it could work:

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There are multiple concepts you can vote for: