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Hi all.
What message could I use if I wanted to inform IFATC that I will be using a STAR for my arrival into a controlled airport?


Request flight following into the destination airport, and have the STAR included in your flight plan.


So flight following means I’m using charts?

If you’re arriving at an active airport, you will have to follow ATC vectors regardless.

Flight following means you want to navigate on your own. Usually this won’t be a problem unless it’s busy, however like DiamondGaming said you still have to follow any ATC instructions

also thanks for using realism into JFK ;)))


That doesn’t mean you can’t use charts in your flight plan, just expect to be diverted from it.

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I always fly using charts, even for departures. Though sometimes I can’t find a quality chart and I use a ‘realistic’ approach


Sometimes you don’t get everything we want in life. If you request flight following and the controller says proceed on course then lucky you other than that don’t fight for it as you will make things worse for your self.

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“I was using Charts” is not a excuse After you have been ghosted for not following ATC Vectors.
Thought you might want to know ;)

@Josh_Tomaz. MaxSez: When Using Real World Charts (Flips/ Plates ect.) keep in mind that IF utilized modified FAA ATC routings/procedures that do not exactly conform to published FAA standards particularly on Approach & Departures. Without Airways or Centers you’ll often find gaggles and conga lines at serviced aerodromes which don’t lend themselves to STAR type standerized procedure for I/VMC Operation. Be prepared for ATC Flight Plan directed modifications particular inbound on both the Trainer and “Expert”. Max


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