Expert server changes

I know there are other forums about this but I never did anything wrong on the expert server and yet I still can’t fly it. I’m honestly not very happy at all about these changes. I never saw anyone being disrespectful on expert server. There needs to be something to make these rules less strict for me and all the other people that didn’t do anything wrong. Please change this.

Can you send a screenshot of violations and landings?

This isn’t a request for support, but more of a complaint. I’d leave it to the Mods.

If your violations outweigh your Landings by a 2 to 1 ratio then that is why you can’t access their server. Something had to be done as things have gotten out of hand lately with the Expert Server ruining the experience for those that parallel realism.

The rules are less strict on the Training & Casual Server. That’s a plus!

Are you saying that you were on it previously and were demoted or that you have never achieved access to the expert server?

We can’t count our hands and toes how many times we have heard “I haven’t done anything wrong” or “I don’t know why I was ghosted”

Read and watch the tutorials, get those Landings up and then the privilege of the Expert Server will be there for the taking. Cheers