Expert Server Center

Often I do not see any active center frequencies on expert. Is this on purpose? I see many airports occupied by expert controller currently (thank you ATC!) but no centers.

They’ve been pretty active, look a bit harder. The airspace boundary will be shown on the map outlined and white.

There may not be a lot of center certified controllers as the center frequency is relatively new! I’m Not an IFATC expert though!

To add to Trio, ATC officers have lifes too, IF isn’t their priority.

right now says “0 active flight information regions”. am i missing something?

i agree… but nine controllers are online now… none of them chose center…

Miami Center is open right now

Not everyone is Officer Approved


It happens and is perfectly normal.

That’s because inside of IFATC, only a small amount of controllers are qualified to control a radar frequency (approach, departure, or center). I’m sure many of those 9 controllers would open center if they could.

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perfect! that makes sense! thank you


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