[*Expert Server*] Can a mod pull up to VTBS and ghost a random dude hopping between runways with an XCUB

He’s not even performing proper pattern work. He’s simply performing a loop of touch n goes between runway 19R and 01R. He’s getting in the way of my departure and i dont feel like colliding with an aircraft…

Some one should send him back to training/casual if he wants to harvest landings

There might not be any IFATC to do it now, however the best thing to do is get a screenshot of his info and PM an IFATC of what happened.

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there is no IFATC present at this airport right now. So how would I determine which IFATC to msg? I have a screenshot but it would be easier if a random IFATC just hopped on to VTBS for a few seconds and remove the user (who doesnt link his IFC acc) from the server

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I’ll spawn in to check it out, but in the future, please pm the mods