Expert Server (BETA)

I came across this a couple minutes ago. Have i missed any patch notes or anything in the last couple of updates? What exactly is “Expert Server (BETA)”?

All you need to know:

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This should help you:

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Thanks alot!
Question is which one should i use now? Beta or the normal “Original” One?

Beta regularly crashes so I recommend the more stable: Expert Server.

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Thanks alot!

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No problem.

You can even do EGLL - EHAM (El Classico) flight easily (and non-traffic) in this server.🥬

It does? From our point of view it’s been running stable for the past 3 weeks.
Don’t confuse app crashes with server crashes please.

We have the server up publicly for people to use it, not to be scared away from it without reason :)

I’ve been flying on the Beta server for most of my flights since 22.8 and have not had any issues with it.

The only issue I’ve had with the app is it crashing on the loading screen but restarting the app then fixes it.


Happens to me on pretty much every server, so it is not isolated to the beta server

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My bad lol!

Just for clarification, the beta expert server no longer exists. Does that mean it has replaced the other expert server?

@John001 This should have all the info you need:

Yes the Beta Server has replaced the old Expert Server.

Thanks, I just found the information


No longer Beta.