Expert Server Behavior | It has to stop!

I would agree the requirement for expert should be raised to grade 4 and 5 only. I also like the idea of lowering or changing the way reporting another user is handled, perhaps a weekly accumulated count or lowering from 3 to 2 reports at one time.

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I think we should make it so it counts crashes, including into each other… maybe then people will take more care of their aircraft… and not cut each other off or line up randomly on a runway… Only in a perfect world i suppose.

Happy Flying :)

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Whom exactly did you report? The one who was landing and didn’t go around? Or the one who saw and should have heard a plane on short final, but still entered the runway?

This made me laugh so hard because its so true. People turn wild as soon as the authority has left.

Do you all think they should add a grade 6 and make Expert only for grade 4, 5 and 6? I know this won’t solve everything. But could it help?

May be grades will be less important after the global update , not a good idea to solve this problem . How about making a knowledge test to qualify players who passed it to enter the expert server?

This won’t help much, unfortunately… As we can see in the original @Pilotmaster2129 's post, the one who cut him off was grade 5.

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These two people were fighting to who goes first, be patient, you’ll be in the air eventually. This is not a race.


I think I am going to start something and see how it goes. If I spot someone who is representing a VA and acting in an inappropriate manner on the Expert server, the user will get their photo sent to their peers that run their VA. I think that there was a post a few weeks ago about Live Expectations for VAs. It begins with us that are serious about the rules and the realism on the Expert server. #TimeToCrackDown


@NetJets_Nick, @DeerCrusher I’ve seen that name before, and I think I know who IFSFGCEO is… Not surprised about this considering that I’ve seen him do it to me ;-)

As many a people have said, it’s like a class when the teacher leaves. Or in my case, a Car meet up when the police depart. Rest assured, this will be fixed, as per @Reedgreat’s post. I guess when Global comes, Unicom is going to be my friend as I won’t be flying in Active ATC a lot. Therefore it’s deemed solved.


That sounds like a great idea. If you’re going to represent a VA, you need to be professional and courteous when flying. Abiding by the rules and being mindful of others is what the Expert server is for. If you want to do otherwise, take it to the Casual server.

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Great that the IFVARB will be looking into this and policing this issue. I will definitely be getting behind this too. It’s time update flying restrictions of Virtual Airlines so that they have better quality pilots who actually know what they’re doing. Make VA’s Fun again, Make VA’s Realistic again, Make VA’s Safe again, and last but not least, Make VA’s Great again!

Whoever polices this issue, would have to be pretty determined. #ReturnOfTheMack

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I agree with this idea completely. After all, who would want to be in a plane descending at 15000 fpm. Or landing with 30 degrees nose down like this photo…

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Ummm: Please respect your pilot fellows take a look here…


Wow. I seriously think that the OP should look at that. The guy says to respect your fellow pilots but still he cut in front of @Pilotmaster2129? He’s a Mystery Box! :-D

No offence but to anyone, but there are few things I don’t understand.

  1. What is IFSFG?
  2. What in the name is the CEO of that group doing?
  3. Why is he complaining about something he was involved in?

It just doesn’t make sense. I honestly think these people need to be reviewed by themselves, the fellow flyers and controllers and also the IFVARB.

Again, no offence, just voicing an opinion.


I really could not agree more. I am wondering what IFSFG is too. Can’t find anything about it…


I was reading a comment on the other post and it is called the Infinite Flight Simulator Flying Group. I was trying to work out if it was a country flying group, trying to work out what countries start with S 🤔

@RonnyMartin did you really tell people to be respectful and then be disrespectful on the expert server? Interesting predicament.


Look at this, this is the topic that was just created. :-/

Syria, Somalia, South Sudan… Shall I continue?

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