Expert Server Behavior | It has to stop!

This post really goes to show that you never know who is watching. From my own experiences on the Expert Server without ATC, I have seen so many community members committing these ‘crimes’ it isn’t even funny. (It isn’t even funny when one person does it). Something really does need to happen.


I’ve been saying it time and again and time again. Pilots need to still behave and have pilot etiquette even when an ATC leaves an airport. I cannot stand when an air traffic controller leaves an airport in the pilots act crazy knowing that they cannot be ghost or reported by the other pilots on the expert server. Just today I had to PM a pilot taxiing thru gates and cutting pilots off and gave him a piece of my mind. So yes I agree with this post… bring back report button, 3X for ghosting and pilots… get your act together on the expert server or stay away


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Most of these people are most likely kids who ask their mum to get this “game” for them to play on. They fly so many hours & land with APPR and there they have grade 3 & can fly on Expert.

Maybe change the landings to manual landings so some people can’t slip through like this.


Quote of the whole year


Thank you! It’s very true:)


Could not agree more. I’ve said it before, grade level does not equal experience . I’ve met some very official and qualified grade 2 pilots (back when I flew TS1) and I’ve met some very horrible grade five pilots.


Slightly off topic but the worst thing is when your controlling on TS1 and people tune in just to ignore you and collide with other traffic. And kudos to @SkyHighGuys and @Pilotmaster2129 for replying so quick


Maybe not the right word here. “Skill” would be better in the context ;)

I agree wholeheartedly, though, whenever I go onto the expert server I come expecting quality pilots. When i don’t get that, I get rather annoyed at the number of inadequate pilots that fly on the server.


Exactly. There’s really no other way of saying it. And as to the skill and experience in my book they are tied hand in hand so when I say one I mean both and I realize I should clarify that. So my bad.


I think this is the reason why we should back into the old system which is based on Standings (100%) requirements to enter this server


Report button NEEDS to get back to app. its not fair to pilots who follow rules and get their flight ruined every day. This new law that takes ghost out from pilots just messed pilots who do follow rules leaving them exposed to be bullied as wanted. ATC leaves and we just end flight or change region cause we know what will happen.

If report button was taken cause it didnt work as wanted, well, this way doesn’t work either and just makes it worse for respectful pilots.


@Flying-J absolutely outstanding idea.

Forget the ‘report 3 times in a session’ rule to be ghosted.

Why isn’t it ‘report 3 total times in a week’ and you’re ghosted!


Looks like all of those pilots who were grinding out XP and doing sloppy touch and goes have finally made it to expert server. The name will have to be changed if this keeps up, there’s nothing “expert” about any of this. Even on TS1 this is unacceptable.


Maybe if we got more live mods who don’t just fly on expert this could be stopped on all servers


I know how you feel. I had just entered the red cone for runway 36R at Charlotte Int’l. I reported my position twice over unicom for good measure, and then someone proceeds to taxi to the opposite end of the runway and takeoff directly into me. I was happy when I saw him get ghosted and I thank anybody who may have reported him. But honestly, it’s getting ridiculous.


Well the live mods are mostly testing global & are hardly even there anymore to see this happening.


Exactly so we need some more

We need pilots that actually give a dang about behaving. There’s also a lack of accountability. There’s a percentage of pilots on expert server that aren’t a part of the community.

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Wow, you are right, it needs to stop, especially the people trying to follow you always looking for friends