Expert Server Behavior | It has to stop!

So, as my approach controller vectored me and 15 other planes into TFFR, his app crashed. Then, the chaos began. He brought us in like this:

Then, some pilots came in from the north

But instead of continuing the approach sequence, they caused a huge cluster****

So I reported them all, but that’s not it. As they sorted it out (not really, just pretending they didn’t notice), I continued inbound with 3 planes around me.
As I turn final, another aircraft cuts me off.

So I go around, but the issue is, the pilot behind me thinks that he should follow me, almost resulting in a mid-air collision.

So, as I come back in, with the other pilot following me, I have to go to the very back of arriving traffic, while the aircraft that followed me.m, cut in front of another, at less than minimum separation.
What’s wrong?

  1. Never ever follow the plane in front of you in a go around, he might be going around to avoid you!
  2. As you are approaching an airfield, check how the controller is bringing pilots in, so if he leaves, you still do the right thing.
  3. Of you ever see yourself in one of those clusters, get out of it. Just because they do wrong doesn’t mean you should
  4. Don’t cut pilots off
  5. Lastly, be realistic. If you think in real life, you would be as close as that to another aircraft, or if you think that you can land an A320 at a 3000 foot strip, think about it. (I actually saw that ^ happen on the way to the destination.)
    And remember, just because you can fly on expert, doesn’t mean you should fly on expert.

Sadly, I can’t relate to that because every time I’ve flown expert, it has been perfect. But then again I barely began about a month ago…

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Some people just don’t care. Only thing you can do is report them and hope others have too so you can keep them off the server.


Is it related to this?


You’re right, something has to change.

The problem is that all those come out who follow (most of) the ATC instructions but still don’t know how to behave :/

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Cannot agree more. Expert is starting to decline in quality of pilots. And it’s not lack of knowledge on how to interact even. It’s lack of patience. People see a controller has logged off and they decide the fun is over. No one is watching them now. No one can ghost them now. So they all turn into wild animals and dive for runways and airfields alike.
I was taxiing at a Unicom airport in the Charlotte region and a grade five spawned in, noticed no active ATC, and began taxiing into a 180 degree turn before plowing through me and entering the runway.


People on expert act so much different with out ATC


Expert without ATC on the server is TS1.


That’s exactly how it is sometimes

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As @DeerCrusher said, @Tim_B explained as to why service abruptly stopped.


I find simply ignoring rude or ignorant pilots the best way to continue to enjoy my flight time and avoid having a conniption fit whenever someone runs over me.

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hmmm… IFSFGCEO … That sounds familiar. It is very sad that it was a grade 5 that cut you off on approach. It is like the grading system is just a bunch of numbers now.


Add reporting them to that and we’ll be headed in a good direction :)


I agree. And people now don’t take the system seriously. They tend to enter Expert as soon as they can but got no true experience with the aircraft/ATC because they rushed it.


My apologies for leaving. I really did not want to. I had a crash, and while usually I am able to return right away, the server had locked me into the slot, so I was unable to “replace myself” and return. I did not intentionally abandon you, I promise, as you can see by the post I made linked to by DeerCrusher.

I wish it was clear what the plan was to everyone, unfortunately, that wasn’t the case. While I was there, everyone was patient (with the huge back taxi, I need more separation than usual and I was the only radar facility open, so everyone was headed there.).

My plan was to immediately return (I would never intentionally leave a situation like that), however the server thwarted me. Sorry.


Yes, I very much so agree! The expert server is for serious pilots and it doesn’t take much common sense to know that you need spacing between aircraft without approach telling you!


I would like to see the number of reports that it takes for someone to be ghosted on the expert server reduced for situations like the aircraft in the last two photos you provided.


I don’t think anyone is blaming you. I think this post is more about what happens after controllers leave.


I still remember when me and @Kyle.Plane were flying on EDDL. The situation was okay until the ATC left. Then the craziness began. People starts taxiing through grasses, Cut people’s line, and land in the opposite direction. It was chaos on there

Maybe the developers can impose stricter requirements to enter Expert. And maybe we can reduce the report count from 3 to 2 pilots instead imho


I always report pilots who behave like this. I do wonder if they ever got that third report? Perhaps pilots who act unprofessionally are taking their chance that they won’t be reported three times and get ghosted. I’m willing to bet that pilots who behave this way once, probably do so often; wouldn’t it be worth considering to expand on the reporting to include number of reports in a week? IMO, if you are reported five times in a five day span, you’re due disciplinary action.