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Hey guys I have something to tell you all that happened to me a few months back. So me and a friend (@Everything_Sim_75 ) were doing a short flight from LHR to edinburgh. So i pushed back and taxied as normal, and was second in line to depart from RWY 9R. A few moments later, i saw the aircraft infront of me suddenly disappear, so my first thought was to check the map. When I did, they were not on there, so i taxied forward. Another few moments later, he reappeared; me and him were now inside each other. Without any warning, ATC gave me a Level 2/3 Violation!(i don’t remember the exact level because my pro subscription ran out this morning). If it was a level 3, it is preventing me from become an IFATC.
For something that was not my fault! Also to make things clear once again, I DID check the map and no aircraft was seen ahead of me but then suddenly reappeared again. Please can someone do something about this as i’m sure a lot of people have been through this. And one last thing, i did not know how to appeal a violation back then. Thank you for reading this, and I hope someone can help me :)


In that case you could send your replay and explain your case to the @appeals and they will have your violation reversed for you.

Please contact the appeals team. They can handle these situations. Can your provide a replay file?

Unfortunately, i can’t as i deleted a lot of replay files to save storage. Although my friend (@Everything_Sim_75) might be able to provide one?

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i dont have the replay :(

You can message the controller for the replay in that case.

I believe that you can only appeal a violation within the first 7 days after you receive it. I am not sure if the policy has changed though.

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i dont remember who the controller was either. maybe if he/she does remember this situation and happens to come across the post, i can get a response

It will show in your logbook

ok, and will proof from the guy who flew with me work?

I would contact @appeals and ask them these questions

I suggest you to contact @appeals and they will help you to the fullest

ok thanks a lot

good idea thanks

Yeh I’m sorry mate I deleted it ages ago

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contact @appeals to appeal, and explain this to them as you have to us, and it should be reversed.

This happens frequently, just send a PM to @appeals. I know from experience, I’ve given someone a violation for taxiing through others but on their end someone spawned as they parked at the gate. That’s one if the many examples, so the Appeals Team will fix it for you.

Please stop telling them to contact appeals. Appeals are only to appeal a violation, to request for it to be reversed.

@LIVERPOOL_4EVER, unfortunately it’s too late now to have the violation reversed, you must appeal within 7 days of the violation being issued. However, you can send a message to your controller to find out why you were reported. If what you are describing is true, you should not have been reported because the aircraft was not there anymore.


Controllers can be misleading enough. Because controllers are people too. So there is an appeal. But it is too late to appeal now. Next time this happens, you can send a message to the appeal team within 7 days!

See everything above. :)