Expert Server ATC

What are the requirements to become an Expert server ATC? I have heard that there is also a test that you need to do to be a controller for the server as well. I have done the occasional operation and want to work my to becoming an expert server controller

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Hey, feel free to read through all our requirements here:


I wouldn’t suggest applying straight away. Get yourself oriented first. First and foremost follow what @Flying_Pencil said. Make sure you meet all the requirements. Next read the handbook. The entire handbook it’ll help a lot on the written. After is a ATC practical, look up Infinite Flight “The Perfect ATC test” on YouTube. It explains the practical.

If you pass both then boom. IFATC. You rank up within IFATC unlocking new airspace’s. Now I’m not to keen on IFATC ranks since I’m not done with my practical quite yet. I’m pretty sure it’s apprentice, CR phase, Specialist, and Officer (might’ve mixed of Specialist and Officer). It would be better to PM an already oriented IFATC member


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