Expert Server ATC

Have you ever felt a expert server atc was giving you just random instructions that were not helping you get to your destination

Expert Server ATC (IFATC) are trained individuals who require immaculate skill. Instructions are rarely given for no reason.

However, if, for some reason, you feel that this is the case, please do not hesitate to contact the controller that you were with. If you need help finding them, you can go to your replay, click on States, and send a message to the controller.


Hello, it may seem this way at busy airports. Most of the time it has a purpose this could be due to the controller wanting to fit someone in the pattern that you can see yet, or many other reasons like that. Controllers also make mistakes occasionally, we are people too, but everything we tell you has a reason even if it’s not noticeable.

Ok thank you

Not really, no. I believe that almost every command a controller sends on the expert server usually has meaning behind it except for rare cases. The controller usually (and is supposed to) have a set plan so they may be following their plan to be more efficient. I have faith after the extensive training we do that we don’t want to cause any inconvenience toward your session and are trying our hardest to get you to your destination safely with quality service.

I know this is out of the ordinary but I always thought the button that says “States” were the states you’ve passed through lol.

Anyways back on topic :)

Alright thanks

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