Expert server ATC

Im now 14 yesrs old and im grade 3 with 1400 ATC operations. Do you think i coud have any change to get expert ATC certifications?


Certainly. Visit #tutorials and follow the lessons there and then reach out to a recruiter.

This is where you can contact a recruiter!

Do what @Shawn_Coleman has said and repeat it about 100x

Hopefully the link works, it’s some official IFATC training videos i believe

Do you recommend any recruiter?

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What time zone are you located in?

My timezone is Utc+3

I recommend @Julius97 or @Solocup, both of which are located in time zones similar to yours. Good luck! :)

Make sure to read the ATC manual as well

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My Recruiter is Adam_Williams. He’s great!

I just checked and first thing for you to do is to increase your trust level on the forum by being active and positively contribute to the community.

When your trust level has increased, open an ATC Training Thread to get some feedback of IFATC controllers. This will significantly increase your abilities and you can train for the final exam.

Last but not least: every IFATC controller will be happy to answer any question you have regarding controlling, simply pm them. :)

What trust level i need to be?

Trust level 1

Where i can see mine i thought i was level 1

You are. Don’t worry, you’re cleared to apply.

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