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Hi guys, happy Saturday to everyone 😃 just wondering if there are more active ATC airports in expert rather than Training modes? I’m still a virgin for expert server and don’t want to have to land at Heathrow for eg lol thanks in advance, happy and safe flights to all .

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Well on Expert server there are featured airports for each day so only about 4-6 airports are open for those days. But on Training Server there are no featured airports and controllers can control where they please. Also anybody can control on Training server versus group of people being able to control on Expert.

Hope this helps

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On expert, everyday there is a ATC schedule and region that are controlled by IFATC. Around 5-6 airports are featured daily, and more can be opened in the selected reigon.
Example schedule:

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Keep an 👀 on the scheduled regions too, any airport from the region featured on a particular day can be opened

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Training server typically have more staffed airports; ATCs practicing their controlling skills. But you don’t know which airports are staffed and for how long, apart from the ones opened via an ATC Tracking Thread.

On Expert we only have so many certified controllers, so the number of airports staffed are typicall less than on Training Server. To ensure some level of predictability on the airport’s that are staffed, we created the ATC schedule, as shown in Luke’s post.

See you on Expert - don’t forget to familiarize yourself with the rules! 😉


If you always want to fly from LAX to somewhere or JFK to EGLL, TS is the place to go. You may have 4 ground controllers during taxi and 3 tower controllers while in line at the runway, but they’ll be open.

On Expert, we prefer to use global for more than three airports, so just look at the schedule, which is pinned every week (this week’s is above).

Just don’t ask if there will be an IFATC member at ICAO at YYYY Zulu for your specific flight…gets asked every week (day?). We don’t know.

But you can pretty much count on EGLL being open on Training at all times, under various levels of ATC “control”.


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