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Let’s say one year later I got my ATC minor and passed the ATC test in IF, do I have to join IFATC to become the controller of expert server? Or I can just fly to a location and open up ATC as I want on expert server?

You must join IFATC to be an expert controller and IFATC controllers have certain rules to follow so opening up any location that you fly to doesn’t work and isnt allowed.


Passing the IFATC test automatically makes you a member of the IFATC team. And vice versa, to become a member of the IFATC team, you need to past the tests. Only IFATCs can control airports on expert server.
And as @TwinsRock88 mentioned, the IFATC team sticks to schedules for opening airports. We do this so it’s more predictable for pilots which airports will be staffed.


Once you do become IFATC, you’ll have to follow the ATC Schedule that Tyler posts every week. You’re only allowed to open the featured airports and other airports in that region once the featured airports have been controlled. Also when you do open up a airport, depending on the class of the airport, that be a Bravo or Delta, or whatever has a set time you have to control that airfield for. And lastly another thing is that, you won’t be qualified to control any kind of frequency right away as some like Approach takes more time and practice to be able to operate as it’s probably the most stressful and difficult one to manage.

IFATC, Please do correct me if got anything wrong :)


Approach is fun to me so far! I shall see the real approach next semester, we’ll see how it goes.

In addition to what @Captain_JR said:
Once you‘re an IFATC, you aren‘t allowed to control on the Training Server anymore, exept you do radar training.

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Controlling on IF is not the same as real life. Procedures are different

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Can you explain how it is ensured that only IFATC members control on expert server? Because from what I see in-app it only requires grade 3 and has some limitation in violations and reports.

Is the expert server ATC somehow moderated?

You have to be granted access in our systems to be able to open up ATC on Expert.

Who was that directed at?

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err… is that for Latvia?

I think SierraTango?

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