Expert server ATC schedule

Without the Sunday evening posts for next week’s ATC schedule how do you identify I advance where ATC will be controlling.

You could always go to the #atc category and check IFATC controllers announcing when and where the next airport and region will be that they’ll open :)

I find those threads are fairly limited to be honest, not many people actually post on them

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True but nonetheless, if you’re new to this IFATC change it could be good to help wrap your head around the whole thing

Was there a post announcing the change?

Yes there was

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You can take a look at any of the Region Tracking Threads as many controllers put in there when and where they will control and for how long, I’ll link below all of the Region Tracking Threads:

Another way to see what airports might be open and at what time is by looking at the #live:events category and look for events with #atc-staffed as ATC will be open at the time and day or as well by looking at #atc-needed as most of the time ATC will be there.

Other than that, there is no way to finding out which airports are expected to be open and when. You could expect the big hubs to be open for the majority of the time for example EGLL, KLAX, OMDB, KJFK etc.

Here is somethings that Tyler is working on:

A few of these have already been released but some are still in progress for example the “In-app ability to identify airports each region would like to feature each month (For example, Oceania Region commits to continuously staff Gold Coast, Queenstown, and Melbourne which is highlighted on the map)

Hope this helps you get an idea on how to identify in advance where ATC will be open :)


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