Expert Server ATC Schedule

I know that being an atc on the expert server is more of a job, so I was wondering, is there a schedule that these atcs follow. Because I sometimes see no atcs on the expert server, but sometimes I se 40! If not that’s fine, but please explain what is up with these atcs! Thanks, Bigdog


Here is this week’s controlling schedule for our official IFATC, these are refreshed every week by our ATC Community Manager :).

Today IFATC Will be open all day for FNF (Friday Night Flight) Check out this topic.


Above is where we are controlling, not specifically when the controllers are online.

Since IFATC is 100% voluntary the controllers are free to hop on and control anytime they would like. There is no set schedule. This means that sometimes there may be 10 controllers on and sometimes there may only be 1. This usually varies depending on what time of day you decide to fly and what day of the week. Weekends are usually the prime days to fly if you want to see many controllers online. The times vary as well because we have controllers from all around the world on our team, but a lot of them are from the US and Europe so deciding to fly at a reasonable hour for either of those two countries would mean you’d have a better chance of running into some controllers while flying.


Thank you, but where could I find these Schedules for all other weeks?

Check #live:atc Every week as they are refreshed, they will be displayed at the top of the category as the schedule is usually pinned ;).

Thank you sooooo much!

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Ok, nice to know, thanks!

In addition to what @cleipelt said, I usually try to pick a sceduled airport that has many inbounds. For example, if I was controlling for the FNF today, and I was the only controller on, I would have a choice between, say LSZH and LSGG. If LSGG has more inbounds, I would probably open there, so I can serve more people.

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