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So I just recently started flying online again after a few months off and I just had a question for the ATC guys and gals about this new ATC system.

I do a lot of overnight transatlantic flying and long hauls during the day while I’m at work. Before, I would just avoid airspaces that were scheduled to be open by ATC or I would time it in a way that I’d be certain I would be present when entering a controlled airspace/airport.

But now that it’s not really possible to plan for that will I get booted from the server or issued violations if an airspace were to open up in the middle of my flight while I was away? I actually do like this new ATC system a lot better than the weekly schedule believe it or not, I feel like it distributes the traffic more evenly across the server and it’s nice having controllers all over instead of just one region. I just want to make sure I’m not going to start getting violations or anything if I’m just cruising through while I’m away.

Thanks in advance for any info!

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I don’t think you will get a vilolation because the same thing happened to me and I got no violations.

You shouldn’t. The ATC should realize that you are not going to be doing any activity in that airspace other than flying overhead. They might ask you to check in but I dont think you will get any vios for that.

Nope. If you are “away”, the center frequency may not issue you a violation, and all the conflicts will consider unintentional, since you are away.

However, you must be active on critical phases of flight (takeoff, climb, descend and landing). If you are inactive during that phases, then we can issue a vio for “unrresponsive while climbing, descending or maneuvering” :=)


Also just adding on from what @JetSuperior5192 said above, be sure to only arm VNAV when you are at your device and ready to descend. Don’t try and time it for when you get home, because if you start descending you will be considered active by ATC and be expected to follow their instructions.


Have fun flying 🤷🏻‍♂️ u get a 25% chance to get an ATC conntroller on the Airport you land. Idk what IF made here…

Whilst I understand your point for frustration, it’s important to remember that this has only been the first month of the new system and there are plenty of things that Tyler and the whole team at Infinite Flight are working on to improve the region assignment program based of user feedback, including some of the already implemented changes which include:

  • Changing the minimum controlling requirement for all airports to 30 minutes instead of an hour for bravos so that controllers can “catch the arrivals” and serve more traffic at more airports, more often. (Completed)

  • Regions and their controllers can nominate 2 or 3 airports that they are going to aim to continually staff to the max extent possible for that month and have it displayed in-app. (Work In Progress)

These are just a few of the changes that are in the works and I’m sure more changes will be made when or if needed to further enhance the user experience.


The ATC Schedule was still M U C H MU C H MU C H BETTER

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Then get out and participate in #live:events. Many of these events have guaranteed ATC or join a VA and participate in their events :)


If you’re insistent on trying to find ways to enjoy the new ATC format, I recommend you take a read of this article.

Perhaps you don’t see it the way a lot of us do, and vice versa, but hopefully this could give you an insight as to how things will be running and what you could do to maximise your satisfaction from the new change. However, it must be said that since we’re new to this whole format, we still have a lot to learn. Trust me when I say, Tyler has things in the works which would improve the user experience for controllers, and in doing so, stimulate pilot activity at ATC staffed airports.


Thank you!

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