Expert server ATC error

Today I was flying into JFK around 4:30PM EST. My callsign was KE17Super with A380-800. While I was handovered to tower from approach, I announced that I was on the ILS 31R. Nobody responded to me until 800ft and I executed go around. I think it’s an error on ATC because even though I was on Tower’s frequency, I still heard approach instead of Tower. Tower sent me an guard warning and tried to contact them and didn’t work. Here’s the screenshot for the error on ATC.



Perhaps this is a connection issue between you and the controller, he will try working around you, if he ghosted you it will be reversed as it’s a connection issue and you appear as unknown on his end, if you know the name of the controller I suggest giving him a PM here on the community ;).


It could be how busy it was, so the controller must have been under pressure. Maby? (Only a thought)

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Was this on Expert?/…

Yes, if you can read the title! =D Sorry to be blunt.

@THE-OP and @Jose_Oscana were your controllers… Either it was a connection error or you may have been unknown by the controllers, etc. PM Them


Make sure you have a strong WiFi Router. If you do, you gotta realize that not all ATC controllers on the expert server are pitch perfect. In fact, a lot of them might have made it to expert server, but they aren’t that good. Sorry about this inconvenience of yours and I hope we can resolve this issue.

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There were only 2 planes that were at the final approach Lufuthansa Cargo and mine. I don’t think Tower got my ATC.

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Okay thanks. I don’t think I got ghosted but thanks again.

Ok then, that’s my thoughts gon in the bin. Could it have been the controller’s connection issues possibly?

Thank you. I hope it gets better!

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In these scenarios it is best to private message your controllers for clarification. If Balloonboy is right they would be:

Shoot them a PM :)


We knew you were having connection issues.

Thanks for not doing anything stupid unlike other aircraft with similar issues.

If you encounter this issue again, continue inbound but please make sure you don’t interfere with traffic. We’ll try our best to work around you. You will be ghosted for interfering with traffic and don’t expect a reversal just because there were communication issues.

Communication issues shouldn’t affect your ability to follow expert server procedures.


Were you ghosted? I only ghosted one fella and your call sign doesn’t sound familiar, about 100 planes during the session. At one point, some aircraft weren’t able to contact the tower. You should have been able to land without incident. If you were ghosted because of that, please contact Tyler, include this post and it should be reversed. Sorry for the inconvenience!


It should be a connection issue and as @THE-OP and @Jose_Oscana were controlling today, “IT WAS BUSY” let me tell you… At one point I had the same problem during takeoff, the live servers were not connecting fast and you had 3-6 aircrafts request pushback and taxi at the same time, it really clogs up the server and your FPS. That should be your connection :)

Well maybe the connection issue is on a ATC end! Don’t always point at Pilot error or connection. Take responsibility on your end…

Not really sure why there is an argument.
Both of the controllers said they did not intend to ghost him, and as long as you continue inbound as normal and don’t mess with other traffic they don’t mind. It doesn’t sound like a big deal for anybody because nobody got hurt.

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The pilot was not ghosted, plain and simple. No one should really be commenting unless it is @THE-OP or myself which we already have.

It was a simple miscommunication issue that affected no one. The pilot has been informed that the controllers were aware of the issue.

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This is a recurring issue and something most controllers are aware off. Follows the same script every time - Approach hands off to Tower, but the aircraft doesn’t show up on Tower’s frequency. Like mentioned above, we work around it.

Drop The Convo Please :)