Expert Server ATC Controlling Schedule • 13-19 Nov 17

Looking forward to another week of great ATC! The fact is that North America and Europe have to get served with ATC because there is the most traffic. I also agree though that occasionally we should open other/new regions like South America or Afrika.


I have 53 violations, somewhat surprised me but I’m assuming they were from my early days when everybody was competing who goes first @ KHAF.

I’ve got about 127 landings and 200 flights with 50 hours, is that allowed for ATC?

Looking forward to seeing you there!
All the best!

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KMEM - Memphis International open for service! (Expert Server)

Get your FedEx cargo hauler over at the hub!

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Before Global:

Pilots chased IFATC

After Global:

IFATC chasing Pilots

What IFATC does? Open just in the US and Europe.

;-; Seems Legit


Work smarter not harder.😉


Shoutout to one of our many hardworking, patient, and dedicated controllers.

@Jose_Oscana operated Miami Tower and Ground for 10

I was able to visit twice with nothing but stellar service. Be sure you send some appreciation here if you had a chance to visit KMIA today.


Great job @Jose_Oscana ! Glad you helped out with MIA today! 10 hours sure is a difficult task!


@Jose_Oscana great job man. Not sure how you do it but that’s amazing.

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Thanks for coming everyone; we do this for you all.

Keep the traffic coming, fellow IFATC are waiting.


MaxSez: Can’t say I’m a big fan of the currant IFATC scheduling system. But I recognize it’s nesessity. Asia, Australia and the mid-East have been my Global stamping ground thus far, they “ need to be considered from time to time weekly” Pls Mr. @Tyler_Shelton.

.Had a swell 130 Controlled go last week Taipei, Macau, Hong Kong’s Checkerboard. (Missing ILS’es out there) This time Ventured into Scandinavia and mid EU via 130 on today’s new schedule. Gutendurg (ESGG), Jimmy at the switch to Zürich (LSZH) Joel rideing the Throne. Sorry Joel, I lost WIFi on landing, crashed I think, blank screen on the threshold, so you did’nt get the pleasure of parking me with a cold & dark shut down and thank you for the service. (No Address in the list or they would both gotten a PM BZ.). I recommend this region to all. Know & flown the region, the Marine have a presence in Norsland, great big Pre-Staged Combat Gear Base up where its dark and cold. Visited it often out of HQMC back in the day. Only downside, München was not open on the Southern leg this time, a couple of Brots and Ein Moss would have made my day. Regards all.


Hi there Mr Max. Me thinks you would make a fantastic ATC. :)


@Kilt_McHaggis. MaxSez: Been there done that when I was young and patient!
Did it now theyed call me No Slack, the Ghoster. Just recommend me for“Elder”, Smoke & Oakem, and a tight ship would be my trademark…LOL

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Nice Schedule! I should be flying on the 18th of November. Looking forward to some good ATC on Saturday.

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I’m new here… And I’m excited to finally join the infinite Flight Community

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Welcome to the community!!
Read this it will help you understand how the community works.A Beginner's Guide to the Forums

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Welcome to the IFC!! However, your reply doesn’t really pertain to this topic :)


Never mind im blind lol