Expert Server ATC Controlling Schedule • 13-19 Nov 17

Are you wondering where the Expert Server controllers will be on each day of the week? Check out their schedule below!

This week we offer our controllers the freedom to choose their airports within the defined region. Following a month of evaluating Infinite Flight on a global scale it is no secret that pilots can be found in one of two places:

North America and Europe

In an effort bring the controllers to the traffic we will man these popular areas with extended opportunities for you to fly in and enjoy the service.

IFATC Region Schedule- (1)
Region changes will occur at roughly 0000Z

Hawaii is included on Saturday and Sunday.

Do you want to be a part of this amazing ATC effort? Join here!


Thanks Tyler for another Great schedule!

I love the new setup for this week!!


Don’t forget to enjoy these awesome Sunday airports before the day is over!



Thanks for the schedule! It’s really nice to know where the atc will be to plan flights!

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Ah man, I hope SDF is opened on Monday and Tuesday. Would love to fly some UPS routes! Nice schedule guys.

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@Tyler_Shelton - Quick question, will this be for this week only?

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Nice! What about Friday?

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We’ll change it up each week as long as the participation is there.

Friday is and has always been FNF. 🙂


Wow, I really like the Diversity you provide pilots, I know lots of work goes into making these schedule’s for us. Props to our awesome ATC Manager and Wonderful Controllers, these guys do allot behind the scenes! And we must appreciate what they do for the community.

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Hopefully I’ll pass my re-take of the IFATC practical this week and will be controlling along side you guys at the end of this week! Getting some training in :)

PM Me requests for airports to be opened and I will try to open them throughout the week (Ill PM You when I open it)


I have mixed feelings about this… will you ever try doing the opposite, like putting ATC in the less busy areas in an effort to spread out Pilots? I do appreaciate that you guys are making an effort to coordinate and give us pilots the best possible experience regardless!


If you’ve been following the schedules I’d say that we have.

End result: Controllers sitting at empty airports for hours.

It’s pretty discouraging! We’ll continue to keep it diverse, spread out, and encourage pilots to do the same but pilots flu where they fly… that’s where we want to be. 🙂


The problem usually is that regardless of where ATC is pilots will still fly across America and Europe so by sticking to these areas more traffic Is served. I do agree though that maybe if we go back to airlines for a week lesser known airlines should be served in less known regions to spread traffic but it is all up to Tyler.


Everyone finally gets the globe and the regions we had all along are still the most popular!


Am I able to join a ATC position without joining the ATC group?

What I mean by that is - personally I don’t have the time to have a schedule for doing ATC, I find myself randomly doing ATC work though.

I guess what I am asking, can I work ATC in global without permission of this group?

Hi @ServerGhost , In order to control in the Expert server you must join the official Infinite Flight Air Traffic Control (IFATC) Please read the thread I linked below if you would like to join our great ATC Group :).

Keep in mind you can always control in the Training Server without Partaking in any group, hope this helps.
Warm Regards, 305…

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Now I can play on the expert since I just reached grade three, can’t wait!


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