Expert server ATC approach

ATC approach they make you line up. Not easy because your position. They make everyone line up very long line but some peoples approach position already near the front.

Example. I look at the map at YSSY. I descend to 8000 feet and entering the line at normal altitude, call approach. Approach already see me there but he do not say anything. I already entering the line. Then I ask him to do approach because he not saying anything.

Then he tell me to climb to 10000 and go to the back of the line. The back of the line is near the north side but I come from the south side. He make me go all around to the back of the line. ???!!! Approach should make people enter the line because of their position, make it easy like in real life.

They just like to play the game and make people “line up fair”. Is very annoying. Sometimes I see they make everyone line up like S shape, fly low and slow.

Contact your controller. He will tell you what he was doing👍🏻


Pm me thanks

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Hi there!
I understand your frustration but the approach controllers do know what they are doing they were made IFATC officers for a reason. Sydney is extremely busy today with over 230 arrivals and to keep the flow of departures and arrivals fair this has to be done. Perhaps next time fly into a less busy hub!
Happy Flying :D