Expert server ATC approach

Hello. I not reporting the ATC ghost me so I not messaging reports.
I asking, why expert server ATC approach always make planes fly very low???
They make planes fly too low, is dangerous and not real.
At downwind, ATC tell me to descend to 3000, is too low. Real planes, they flying altitude 4000 at final, maybe 8000 10000 at downwind. Always like this, expert server ATC always say descend to 3000, 2000 and fly low speed. He tell me to fly 200 knots at downwind. It is too slow!


At a lot of airports, they are busier in Infinite Flight than they ever will be in real life, so this means that ATC controllers have to do more to keep planes spaced out, like making them fly significantly slower. They know what they’re doing and they’re all trained :D


What airport were you flying at? I could try to find the airport terminal specs.


I totally agree!

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I now landing at Jeddah, but this always happening. Everywhere I go, approach control say to fly very low and slow.

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Well did you get to your destination safely?.. Because if you did then I guess it wasn’t too low or slow was it…

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Since none of the previous replies have answered your question, I’ll try to shed some light on the situation.

Typically, approach controller will vector aircraft for an ILS approach and clear them for the approach at what we call an intercept altitude.

This altitude is anywhere between 2000-5000 AGL (with some exceptions). This is because we want the aircraft to be below the glideslope when intercepting. This avoids giving the pilot more work to do during a critical phase of flight.

After you’ve aligned with then localizer/runway, you’ll soon intercept the glideslope and start descending at the proper height for a final approach.

As for altitudes on downwind, yes you’ll typically be quite low. This is because due to our limited command set, we can’t fully rely on the aircraft to descend in time if they’re at 10,000 feet on downwind. We try to have them a bit lower than realistic to avoid our base turn stretching too far from the airport or having to take them out of line and bring them back around.

I hope this helps!


Are you serious?

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They often ask you too slow down to this speed due to aircraft spacing.

ok thank you, so is to make sure the plane do not go too fast because the player accidentally go too fast?

The speed restrictions are less to prevent aircraft over speed and more to enforce separation,

Typically approach will have a large line to manage and utilizing speed commands can help keep aircraft at a reasonable speed while maintaining separation.

When an airspace is empty, chances are you’ll receive less speed restrictions until much later on in your approach.


I believe they know what they’re doing ;) they’re trained to do this!


I think it may just be them having you lower in preparation for the base turn. Like if you are at 6,000 and you are told to maintain 3,000, you probably won’t drop 3,000 ft in 1 minute. You will probably be at 3,000 within a few minutes

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200 kts to slow? Deam.

But in the new update. they Mention that there will provide an advantage [VNAV]. Which makes it easier for the pilot in the landing process. It is easy for members [IFATC] as well.

I hope it’ll be soon . Let’s see what’s new, too

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Unfortunately, just because a feature is implemented, doesn’t mean all pilots will use it, or even to it’s full potential. This is the case with many things sadly

VNAV most likely will not change too much on the IFATC side of things during these phases of flight, but like you said, we will see!


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