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Hello everyone, I don’t know if some of you have been noticed when you’re trying to fly just like in the real life in the expert server, the air controllers tell you “avoid unnecessary messages” are you kidding me? When I am on the left or right downwind I have to tell them in that point everything is fine but when I am on my base I also comunícate them just like the real life and then they tell me “avoid unnecessary messages” when I inform that I’m on final they also said “avoid duplicate messages” it happened twice in both scenarios! Expert server means do everything just like if you’re flying in the real life, if I’m not right please you can correct me, thank you guys !

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They’ve gone through extensive training, and if multiple controllers tell you the same thing, they’re probably right…

Also, I think this is meant to be in #atc😉


The controllers did the right thing. You were most likely already given a pattern entry and clearance. We see your position on our screen at all times.
It just clogs up our frequency and is indeed an unnecessary report. :)
If you haven’t received a landing clearance on short final, you can state your position. At all other times, please just continue with your approach.

Hope that helped! If you have any other questions, feel free to PM me, I´ll be happy to help


Expert server is for Expert IF pilots and trained ATC (IFATC), and while some are real life pilots and real life ATC, majority are not and also the audio messages, as I am sure you notice are more limited than real life!

Whilst in real life, if on a pattern, you would call out as you described, with the IF ATC system this just causes a log jam on their message board which makes it harder for them to control. Generally the rule is once established in the pattern with ATC, no need to report further as they will be monitoring your position and will call you if they need to change something.

Whilst IFATC are not perfect in following real life procedures they do a great job in providing a service with the limitations of the system.

Happy landings!


That makes sense, thank you!


The only time when you Should report position is when you do pattern work. Not every time your on downwind because its not necessary, just when you want to land you say “callsign is on base/downwind/final Full Stop”. Just to let the controller know.

You dont even have to call that out. “Cleared for the option” gives clearance for low pass, touch and go, stop and go, and landing. All at the same time

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There are a few big differences you will see depending on the location you are in the world. As IF is based in the USA the simulator setup is based on FAA, as a guy from Europe it took me some time to get used to this as well and sometimes when controlling automatically I do stuff different. We all have to make the best of this together in the end.

Can’t really remember when I did my flight training if we did position reports on downwind, base and final in Spain…


True, but it’s good to.

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