Expert Server and IFATC Controller Issues (SOLVED - Technical Issue)

Hello everyone, I am reaching out regarding a significant issue I experienced with expert server ATC at KLAX. The incident was quite severe, and I am still trying to comprehend what transpired. I found myself ignored for over 20 minutes while waiting clearance to take off, with an aircraft behind me even taxiing through to depart due to the controller’s failure to clear me. At times, I suspected possible connection issues on my end, but my live server stats indicated no problems, and I could still see other aircrafts and hear other transmissions.

After finally receiving clearance to line up and wait after 10 minutes from the first departure request, I was once again ignored on the runway. Soon, another aircraft was cleared to land and ended up colliding with my aircraft as I awaited clearance for takeoff.

I’m concerned and would like to address this issue promptly and identify whether it was an ATC issue or technical issue on my end. I have the whole flight log file for analysis. Could anyone please advise on the appropriate channels to report and resolve this matter?

Sorry to hear about your experience. If you could provide the time at which this incident took place, I can direct you to the controller that you may contact for a detailed explanation.

Happened just now, I believe controller was @Lefterix at the time. I am assuming contacting the controller is the first thing to do in this situation?

Yes, as he’ll be able to give you the most accurate reasoning for your experience. If you require further assistance beyond his explanation, you’re welcome to add me to your direct message. :)

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Appreciate it, I’ve added you to the conversation for a third perspective as a supervisor. This was probably one of the most baffling encounters I’ve had on the expert server. Just in case it turns out to be a technical problem rather than an issue with IFATC, I want to keep you in the loop.

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This issue was resolved with IFATC and can be closed.