Expert server and checklists

Someone below sad about expert server tutorials. Can you give some links?
Also, I’m searching for checklists for a320/777/787.
Where I can find it?
P.S I need really realistic and full cheklist for 787 and this beautiful 4K cockpit

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Here are some checklists:

For good realistic checklists worth googling "delta virtual aircraft manual " ( add in the aircraft type). The checklists are based on the aircraft manufacturers ones and comes with a lot of useful info and data for completing your flights. Whilst it is PC Flight sim based a lot of it is relevant for IF as well due to the high realism of IF. When I first got IF ( long time before Live was out!) I used some of these manuals to help have realistic flights.

Here is one as a starter for you…all rights reserved to DeltaVirtual Airlines.


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